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Our Bees. Our Community.

Bee8 is an environmentally and socially sustainable social enterprise managed by Robert Emmet CDP in partnership with Smart D8 and The Digital Hub.


The Vision of Bee8

Our Vision is of a social and ecological network in the South West Inner City that is environmentally and socially sustainable. Bee8 works according to the following values:


  • Environment: We deliver a project that enhances the local natural environment.
  • Opportunity: We create low-barrier and inclusive access points for community members to connect with one another as well as accessible education opportunities. 
  • Accountability: We are responsible to our community and our local environment.
  • Fun: We ensure our work is accessible and fun and that people and partners enjoy being involved.
  • Innovation: We strive to understand the larger environmental patterns through technological innovation.

Why this Work is Important? 

Bees are fundamentally important to all living things from the air we breathe to the food we nourish ourselves with.  

Pollination: Approximately 90% of wild plants & 75% of agricultural crops depend on pollinators.

Biodiversity: Bees are responsible for creating the conditions amenable to millions of other insects and animals.  

Health & Wellbeing: There are many benefits to be gained from bee products and beekeeping.   For example, honey has been linked to improved heart health and is also a fantastic antioxidant. 



Dublin 8 Beehives

Bee Hives

The Bee Hives in Dublin 8 have been expanded in 2021 with the installation of 20 Bee Hives across various locations in the area. 



The socially and environmentally sustainable Inner City Beekeeping project was established in 2014 and is developed and managed by Robert Emmet CDP. 

Smart D8 Bees

Social Enterprise

Bee8 provides opportunities for local community members to gain employment through a social enterprise model.  

Bee Education


Bee8 delivers a series of bee, climate impact and sustainability educational programmes in local Dublin 8 schools.  We hope to inspire the next generation through these education programmes. 

Bee Technology


Our new smart Bee hives have been equipped with sensors which will help our beekeeper to check on the health of bees and queens. For example, the weight sensor will let us know when the bees collect nectar.

Bee Responsible  – Get Involved 


Sponsors can get involved by sponsoring different parts of Bee8. For example, sponsor Beekeeping courses or equipment for the local community.  Contact Austin for a chat to learn more at


We have opportunities for volunteers to participate at different times of the year depending on the bee needs.  If you would like to register your interest, please email Austin Campbell at 

Request a Speaker

Do you want to inspire your group and learn more about the socially and environmentally sustainable Bee8 project?

Email to request an Inner City Beekeeper to give an engaging free talk to your local group or school. 


Adopt A Bee

Adopt a Bee allows you to adopt a Dublin 8 bee and support the community. 🐝  

News & Updates

Get Involved.  Don’t Bee Shy 🐝 



Ushers St, Ushers Quay, Dublin 8.

Call Us: (01) 670 8880

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