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History of Inner City Beekeeping Project

  • The logic behind the Inner City Beekeeping Project was very simple – bees live in a healthy environment. If Dublin 8 can manage to preserve the natural environment, which allows bees and other wild pollinators to thrive, then it is on the right path to environmental protection, preserving the biodiversity, ensuring high-quality living conditions and access to green space for local community members.
  • Just like most things, such attempts are rarely successful when developed top-down. For this reason a bottom-up community led approach was adopted by Robert Emmet CDP in 2014. A single hive was established on the roof of Mendicity Institution on a means to offer community members an opportunity to learn about beekeeping and the natural environment while also finding uses and creating conversations about the under utilisation of potential green space in the city centre and exploring the potential for a local economy project.
  • ​The project later expanded to a second site provided by the Digital Hub on Watling Street before growing exponentially in 2021.
  • Over the years the project has grown from one community development programme managing a single hive to a partnership approach that employs two people to manage 22 hives and deliver a significant programme of environmental education across the Dublin 8 area. The project is expected to employ 4 people to manage 125 hives across 25 locations across Co. Dublin by the end of 2022.

Inner City Beekeeping Project Becomes Bee8

Beekeeping projects in urban spaces are necessarily collaborative requiring input from civic bodies, building owners, local community members, business and beekeepers creating multiple opportunities above and beyond the management of bee populations. In line with this Inner City Beekeeping Project has evolved over the past several years to become something larger, Bee8.

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Ushers St, Ushers Quay, Dublin 8.


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